Our Approach



Conceptualization and User Engagement

Design and Development

User Experience &
User Interface Testing

Deployment, Data
& Analytics

Afroes approach to developing customized mobile learning solutions is embedded in The Afroes Way – a process that emphasises Human-centred Design Insights (research) to ensure that content is delivered in alignment with the context of the target users; the application is responsive to these needs, is fun and engaging and following deployment, offers real time impact analytics to track usage and impact.


In this phase, the focus is on the Research, Conceptualization and User Engagement and Design and Development. To understand more clearly the context.


This phase is the Design and Development phase where the actual learning content is developed and the Gamification platform developed to enable the content to be delivered on there. The Afroes Way is an iterative process and therefore content will be developed and tested in cycles throughout this period to ensure that it is relevant and engaging for the Users.


This phase will be primarily focused on the deployment, distribution and marketing of the application as well as the reporting and data that will be gathered real-time throughout the process.