Haki 2: Chaguo Ni Lako

After the events in Haki 1 the heroes have foiled the Evil Entities attempts at violating peoples’ environmental rights. But the Evil Entity is not done. The Entity has sent Mboss, a diabolical mastermind, to destabilize the country by causing discontent, disunity, disharmony and civil unrest. Mboss has challenged the Underground (a group of heroes who strive for peace and tranquility) to stop his evil plans. The clues to stopping him are hidden in puzzle images and quizzes that he has sent the Underground.

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Haki 1: Shield and Defend

Haki 1: Shield and Defend is the Swahili for “rights” and/or “justice” and is the spirit with which the game was developed. Haki: Shield and Defend is the first installment in a game series that gives you, the player, the opportunity to mend the wrongs that tear at the social fabric and in the process defend your rights. In this installment, the idea is the protection of environmental rights and hence the players are given a mission to go into one of our treasured forest parks and to save the trees that are being cut down by illegal logging.

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Created with the support of UN Women Southern Africa, Moraba is a mobile game developed to address Gender Based Violence issues amongst youth audiences. A quiz based adaptation of Morabaraba, the traditional southern-African board game of strategy and wit, Moraba endeavors to highlight gender inequality, gender rights and establish a sense of advocacy amongst users around gender based violence issues.

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ChampChase is a game that raises awareness about the safety and security of children. The game is about child protection and educating young people about child safety. As a medium to deliver messages to children, it highlights the plight of children and their vulnerabilities as well as initiates engagement around issues raised so children can begin to speak out about and against abuse. The game is an initiative of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund led “Champion for Children” campaign designed to give children a voice and say around issues of safety.